Saturday, July 27, 2013

Downline Convention Gifts!

Here are the Downline Gifts I gave to all my DL that attended the SU! Convention in SLC!
It was a 25th Anniversary Survival Kit!
Here's the front view!
 Side View!
 Back View!
All 9 of them!  YES - I had 9 total in attendance!  Biggest group ever!  Let's top it next year! 

Here they all are!  Everyone had a customized one to their fav color!!
What was in the inside you ask??  Check out this loot!
A place for business cards and receipts!
Hand sanitizer, chap stick, hand lotion, highlighter, pen, sharpie, band-aides, wet wipes, notepad, powder flavor drinks to add to water, cute little sticky's to use for our new catalogs!
Plus, on the bottom left is a kleenex holder made from our fabric, and on the bottom right is a fabric scrunchy - to put on your fav drink of choice! 
THANKS to ALL my Downline that attended Convention!  We had a blast!
What container did I use to put all these goodies in??
LOOK on page 197 of the annual catalog!
These are ou new Wood Mount Storage cases! 
#127551 4 cases - $6.95 - full  (7.5"x5.5")
#127552 4 cases - $4.95 - half (3.75"x5.5")
These cases are very sturdy and AMAZING!  You can hold anything!
Glue dots, dimensionals, ink refills, washi tape, candy dots, markers, your lunch, plus so much more!!
Thanks!  Happy Stampin' - Hugs - Dianna

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