Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hilton Head - Day 4!

Here we are on our last day!  : (  We really enjoyed ourselves and had a great time!  Short & sweet!  It was time to return to the hustle and bustle of life and our children!
I had done this on the beach!  It says it all! 

Thought this was neat!  It was a little room at the Savannah, GA airport.  There was a soldier in the room as we walked past.  THANKS to all of our military that serve our country so proudly!  We even saw a young mom with her 2 young children that said a sad goodbye to their hubby/dad.  It was cute -  as dad walked one way, and they walked the other, the little boy took his mom's hand and his little sister's hand and off they walked.  He was stepping up to fill dads shoes!  Godspeed!

Here was another neat thing at the Savannah, GA airport!  When you made a purchase at the gift shops they asked if you'd like to make a donation.  You could pick anything gum, candy, beef jerky, snack mix, nuts, etc.  Then when you donated and paid you would put your donation in the bucket seen below, and then they would take that to the USO, and destribute to the soldiers!  GOD BLESS AMERICA!  : )
Just another reason why I love our country!  Plus, another reason I'm so blessed to call my downline the Patriotic Stampers!
Happy Stampin' - Hugs - Dianna

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