Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Momento Mall Loot!

Here's is my upline, Lori Schuch from LeMars, IA!  I LOVE YA GIRL!!  : )  She posed with this shirt on from Momento Mall at convention, and asked if I'd like this shirt!  She bought it for me, because I earned the SU! GetAway Trip!!  : )  THANKS!!

So when she sent to to me in the mail, this was the bag it was wrapped up in!  Then she added her own wording to it!  LOL!  LOVE IT!!!  : )

Yes, was was a 2012 Incentive Trip GetAway Earner!  I can't wait to go on my GetAway!  : )
Here's the shirt!  I've worn it a few times!

This was also in the mail!
It's a "green bag" - SU! sells these in Momento Mall!  This pattern is the Floral District just like our Floral District DSP!!
Thanks Lori!  : )
Shop with me in Momento Mall during SU's 25th anniversary!  Join now!

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