Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11th

Just take the time to remember and pray!  I know we would all like to forget about what were doing, or where we were at when the events unfolded that dreaded day.  We are Americans!  We are strong!  We are proud!  We rise up from the ashes!  We've become stronger!  Eagles soar!
We remember all those who lost their lives just doing their jobs and protecting the people that were strangers to them.
I don't like this day anymore then you do - it stirs up a lot of emotions, anger, resentment, fear, & also brings many tears. 
Although I personally didn't lose anyone in my family on this day - I do have people in my family that are in the military - current and retired & first responders - current and retired, so it does hit close to home!
I'm proud to be an American!  I've raised my kids to love their country, be proud, and be great Patriot's.  Plus, you can see from my blog and the name I've given my Stampin' Up family - Patriotic Stampers - my strong love for this great country!

Please keep those who were lost on this day 12 years ago, and those who serve in our military and our first responders in your thoughts & prayers.


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