Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pennant Dies!

This has been a very busy summer for our family! PARTIES! We've had 8 graduations! 6 high school, and 2 - 8th grade! 7 were family, and 1 was a neighbor! WOW! Now you know where my June went!

For my 2 nieces and twin nephews I made them name banners for their parties! 4 banners total! Here's the ones I made for my niece's parties - I will post the nephews when I get the pictures taken!

I used the my Big Shot & the Pennant Die-Cut! These were lots of fun, and can spruce up any party! Mid July I will post another very special Pennant Banner that I'm working on! The possibilities are totally endless! Have fun making yours!


  1. where do you find the time for this????? these are fabulous and i'll just bet they loved it!


  2. I know right!? Thanks! They really turned out great, and yes, they loved them! Even my nephews!


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